From time to time the Club is involved in the rescue of golden retrievers:  neglected, abandoned, abused,  or when an owner/s circumstances change.  A sad reality.  If you would like to offer an older golden a “forever”,  safe, happy home, please contact the Secretary

Holly’s Story

We made contact with Holly, a rescue dog, through the Golden Retriever Club on 21 November 2005. She was a one year old at the time we picked her up from her previous owner. Lack of exercise and overfeeding had pushed her weight up to 39 kg. Holly took to us immediately and to my daughters’ male Alaskan Malamute, Stryder. Holly happily climbed into our car for the long trip home. Such is the friendly and trusting nature of the Golden, they would go off with just about anybody.

Holly went on two walks every day for three months but it was not until going onto Royal Canin Golden Retriever dog food that she started to lose weight a year later. She is now 31 kg and is walked daily. Holly finds and brings the paper in every morning but unlike my previous dogs, would never think of running off.

Seven Day Adventist Hospital Cancer Ward – Wahroonga – September 2010

Holly loved going to obedience training at Brush Park Dog Club and quickly climbed to the top of the grades. We could have gone onto trailing and kept collecting certificates and ribbons. However, I wanted something else for her but didn’t know what to do.

Then I spotted an advertisement in Urban Animal for “Velma’s Pets as Therapy”. After successfully completing the course, Holly now brings happiness to elderly people in hostels, nursing homes and hospitals. She approaches everyone with a smile on her face and a wag of her tail. It’s a move that will melt anyone’s heart. Most heard comments are: “She’s almost human,” “How could anyone think of hurting them,” “They are a gift from God”.  Whilst out on visits, I take the opportunity to tell people about the wonderful, unique nature of Goldens.

Holly has settled in to become one of the family and now lives a life full of fun and activity. I am 100% sold on Goldens with this being my first. She is the dog I would have loved to have had as a child and without a doubt, the best dog I’ve ever owned.   Neil Yakalis

Molly’s Story

Molly, aged around 7 years, was found wondering along a busy highway with a young male and female, probably her progeny.  She looked as though she’d had a few litters of puppies over the years.  The three goldens received a maximum sentence in the pound, and were then rescued due to the coordinating efforts of the Club.  The young female immediately found a wonderful home with an obedience enthusiast, the young male also found a great home through GRR.

Molly spent time with a carer as she was in season and arrangements had been made for her to be neutered.  She recovered well from her op, and very quickly, after life on the wild side, developed into a wonderful mature golden girl.  She found an amazing home in the Southern Highlands.  All due to golden retriever fans who come forward to provide happy, safe, homes for those goldens whose start in life isn’t the best.