The first Golden Retriever Club in Australia, founded in 1964

Welcome to the Golden Retriever Club of NSW Inc. website. If you’re looking for a Golden Retriever Puppy please go to the “buying a puppy” page and contact the club’s Puppy Information Officer.

We hope you find comprehensive information about Golden Retrievers, our site has a multi purpose focus:

  • To provide assistance & education to those interested in purchasing a puppy from a registered breeder
  • To provide breed relevant information that assists in education & the promotion of our beautiful breed
  • To advise of club functions, from puppy days, to show & trial events, club meetings & other events the GRC NSW supports
  • To provide club relevant data to club members


If you’d like to know more about The Golden Retriever and if it’s the right breed for you, please download the attached documents:

The Golden Retriever overview
The Golden Retriever – Dogs NSW journal 2023

You may also wish to purchase: An Australian guide to purchasing a happy healthy Golden Retriever Puppy book 2nd Edition flyer

The Golden Retriever Club of New South Wales Inc. recognises all serious and realistic endeavours to improve the overall quality of the golden retriever, particularly, breed type, conformation, temperament and hereditary defects.

Our club’s Secretary will be pleased to discuss any enquiries you have about our breed with you.  Feel free to contact her during normal office hours.  If you are making an enquiry about purchasing a puppy please read the buying a puppy page on this site and contact our Puppy Information Officer.

Patrons:   Dr. Robert Zammit BVSc.  Dr. Karen Hedberg BVSc.
Life Patrons:  Wendy Donohue & Lucille Ellem