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  1. I have been busting to see the newly revised website since it was presented at our meeting this week, easy reading, very informative and a pleasure to open and scroll through. Well done Debra and Mark on creating this fantastic new site, it will be my pleasure to refer The Golden Retriever Club NSW Inc website onto anyone who owns or is considering sharing their lives with our wonderful breed.

  2. Thanks Debora for your valuable insight and corporate knowledge into what process I should be following when looking to purchase a Golden Retriever puppy.

  3. I really enjoy reading the new site.Very informative. Its very easy to use. Keep up the great work .

  4. Hi

    Can you please help me locate the golden retrievers breeders named “Buffalo” or Tahmero

  5. Hi Mary-Jane, as club secretary I am not able to give club members details out without their permission. However if you google Buffalo Kennels you will find them.

  6. Hi, My name is John and really appreciate for such useful webpage.

    I am looking for purchase puppy and, one of registered breeder, Debra, recommend this website prior to purchase puppy.

    Thank you for all information.

  7. Very helpful website, thank you too everyone who has worked hard provide this information for people like me.

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