Our current office bearers and committee are:

President:   Rachael Ohlrich
Vice Presidents:   Margot Stuckey and Denece Hutcheson
Honorary Secretary:     Debra Stubbings
Honorary Treasurer:    Larinda Jeffery
Show Secretary:     Janelle Salvestrin
Publicity Officer:    Debra Stubbings

General Committee:
Paul Middleton, Rachel Shapter, Rika Yoshino,
Robyn Ramsay, Sue McFadden,
plus two vacant positions

Trials Committee:
Jeff McMahon, Marilyn McMahon, Jenny Prestidge, Lynne Elliott

Internal Auditor:  Position Vacant

National Breed Council Delegate:  Sharon McGrath

2020 National sub committee:
Rachael Ohlrich, Debra Stubbings, Janelle Salvestrin, Paul Middleton, Denece Hutcheson, Rachel Shapter
Jeff & Marilyn McMahon and Marion & Glen Manson